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WE focus on Quality

With our Masterbatch & Compound solutions, we orient ourselves on the highest production standards. 

We place great importance on acquiring necessary quality certification by placing the required quality control systems in place. This includes testing of products:

Physical Tests

  • Melt Flow Rate

  • Density

  • Ash Content

  • Humidity

  • Colour Spectrophotometer  

Mechanical Tests

  • Izod Impact Strength

  • Charpy Impact Strength

  • Tensile test

  • Flexural Test

  • Hardness

  • 3 Point Bending Test

  • Elongation

Structural and Thermal Tests

  • FTIR

  • DSC

  • HDT


  • Optical Microscope


Weathering Tests

  • QUV Weathering

  • Heat Aging test

Flammability Testing

  • UL94

  • LOI

  • Glow-Wire test

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